Learn And Work as A Product Manager in Just 6 Weeks

10th May, 2023 – 24th June, 2023

Take a guided tour through the world of product management and learn the secrets behind some of the most successful product managers.

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Education Focused On Your Growth

We have designed our program to give you the best learning experience and to produce only the finest product managers.

Course Duration

Enroll now and in the next 6 weeks you will be a professional Product manager

Pay instalments

Pay 100k upfront and balance the rest before you graduate

Job Opportunity

5 best students gets to intern with Hoshistech Corp for 3 Months

Professional Mentor

We will provide you with Professionals one-on-one mentorship

Our course will help you

Transition From Novice to Professional

Our hands-on approach to teaching product management builds your knowledge base and skill so much that in just 3 months, you will be fit for a role as a product manager.

  • Understand the varying role of a Product Manager through different types and sizes of companies.
  • Decide which type of Product Manager best fits one's goals and personality.
  • Understand the Product Lifecycle and how it applies to every product.
  • Understand the modern Product Development Process that both Fortune 500s and Startups adhere to.
  • Communicate effectively with engineers in a way they will appreciate and understand.
  • Understand the difference between Agile and Waterfall development.

Learn Directly from Industry Expert

Doyin Oshikoya

Doyin Oshikoya

Senior Product Manager


Olu Koya

Olu Koya

Senior Product Manager


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Mondays & Wednesdays : 6 – 7pm

Thursdays (Discord Townhall open to general public) : 6 – 7pm

Saturdays : 9 – 11am

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