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Hoshistech Training Institute (HTI) was designed to solve the global tech talent shortage challenge. The only solution for the tech talent deficit is talent development.

We intend to bring together, business support and training through dedicated courses that help participants learn tech skills and gain practical experience in the industry. Our participants will have the opportunity to not just learn these courses but gain quality experience with the hands-on learning and internship, we also connect participants to hiring companies to build practical tech skills further and launch them into tech careers.


HTI Specialized Course

Product Management



(Backend and Frontend)

Integrated Brand Marketing

(Digital Marketing and Brand Communication)

HoshisTech Product School

Product management is one of the most promising and in-demand jobs of the decade. There’s a great talent gap in this crucial field, our goal is to teach new entrants/tech enthusiasts the skills and assist them in easy transitioning into this aspect of the tech industry.
There is a need to focus on customer experiences, finding solutions to their challenges, and keeping up with market trends. Customers play a crucial role in how successful your product becomes. They determine the lifespan of your product, how much profit it can make, and whether or not it develops into something bigger. But how do you keep on top of all of that? Well, that’s where product management comes in.
Any company that has a product or service needs someone to truly understand the needs of its customers and to set the vision and tone for the product and for the people who work on it.

The role of a product manager in the tech industry is extremely crucial hence there is an urgent need to train/develop talents to fill the gap.

Studying with Us

We have significant training experience, you will also be working alongside top qualified engineering teams, so we guarantee high results and efficiency.

Live Broadcast

You will be able to attend classes Live on our selected channel, you will also be able to attend live broadcasts/webinars with our curators and guest speakers, ask questions and share experiences.

Online Working

We offer hands on, project-based training, which has proven its effectiveness – All students will work online in small groups, the groups are usually a mix of people with vast experience from various industries, different countries, and economies, and this allows our students access to diverse information beyond their region and on a global scale.

Dedicated Support Group

The technical support service works 24/7 – not a single technical or organizational issue will be left without attention.

Expert Community

You will work in small groups with other students. You will be constantly communicating with experts and other fellow students in a closed Product Managers Discord Community – it motivates

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